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What Is The Best Coffee To Use for Cold Brew?

Best Coffee To Use for Cold Brew

Best Type of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brews do not include any heated water or other methods involving heat, so it’s perfect for summer! Unfortunately, though, many people don’t know what the best coffee to use for cold brew is. For those who enjoy flavored cold brews (vanilla, hazelnut, etc), using flavored beans will work perfectly! Not only that but you can experiment with different ratios of coffee to water until it becomes just right for your tastes.

So, what is the best coffee to use for cold brewHowever, if you’re looking for something non-flavored but still delicious and easy to make, choose a medium or dark roast. These tend to be the most popular types of roast for cold brew because they are best suited for absorbing water and releasing their flavors into it. However, despite this advice, you can still experiment with different roasts to see what works best for you!

Keep reading to learn more about how to make a delicious cold brew!

Best Coffee To Use for Cold Brew

Types of Coffee To Use for Cold Brew

If you are looking to make the best cold brew, then you must use the right kind of coffee. You will want to avoid using your regular hot coffee because when you add ice it dilutes the flavor. Instead, some types of coffee work better in cold brew than others do. Here are some ideas on what types of coffee work great in a cold brew:

1. Kenyan Coffee

This type of coffee works very well for cold brew because its rich flavors hold up well when they go through the steeping process required for making cold brew.

It has an acidic taste but its strong aftertaste helps to balance things out nicely and provides a satisfying drink every time. When this type of coffee is brewed with hot water, its aftertaste is too strong and can be bitter. Brewing it at cold temperatures mellows that out nicely.

2. Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee works well in cold brews because it has a good amount of acidity, to begin with. While this type of coffee isn’t as acidic as Kenyan coffee is, the low acidity level makes it easier for most people to drink without any problems.

The flavors are rich but not overwhelming, which means that cold brewing this type of coffee enhances the flavor instead of muting them like some other types might do if they were used in a cold brew. This type of coffee is very bold and smooth, making it easy to drink even when served over ice.

3. Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is a good choice for cold brew because it has a slightly nutty flavor. This doesn’t mean that you have to worry about your drink tasting too much like hazelnuts or almonds, though, as this drink is all about the unique flavor of Colombian coffee.

It may not be as acidic as Kenyan coffee, but it still gives you most of the same great benefits. The low acidity level means this type of coffee will taste better when iced and also make it easier for those with sensitive stomachs to enjoy a cold cup without anything upsetting their stomachs

4. Sumatran Coffee

Sumatran coffee can give your cold brew an excellent bold body and rich aftertaste. This type of coffee is very heavy because it comes from a robusta plant that is known for being earthy and full-bodied.

This type of coffee will give you just about everything you are looking for in a great cup of cold brew as it has a rich flavor without being overpowering. It has less caffeine than most other types, but it still packs enough to keep you going all day long.

5. Brazilian Coffee

If you want an interesting twist on your cold brew that isn’t too acidic or too bold, then try using Brazilian coffee beans when making the drink. This type of coffee provides something in between with its smoky and smooth flavor profile.

Its flavors complement iced beverages quite well and the low acidity level makes it easier to enjoy a cold cup of coffee without any stomach upset for those with sensitive stomachs.

6. Guatemalan Coffee

This type of coffee can provide a good depth of flavor that makes it a great choice for cold brew. The smooth body and semi-bold flavor work well when mixed with ice, making this a popular choice among those who enjoy their cold drinks iced instead of just warm or hot.

This is another low acidity level option that will taste better than high acidity levels in cold beverages because the flavors are not muted by the cool temperature.

Best Coffee To Use for Cold Brew

7. Bourbon Coffee

For something truly unique in terms of taste, try using some Bourbon coffee beans when making your next batch of cold brew. These beans are naturally sweeter and have a nutty taste, which gives your drink a different twist from the usual cold brew options.

The flavors are not as bold as many other types of coffee but still pack a good punch that provides a satisfying beverage every time you enjoy it.

8. Blue Mountain Coffee

If you prefer to use Arabica beans in your cold drink instead of Robusta, then try using some Blue Mountain coffee when making your next batch of cold brew. This type is known for being smooth and mild without too much acidity or bitterness.

This makes it an easy choice for iced beverages with its pleasantly balanced flavor profile that works well with the cool temperature without being too dull or bland tasting.

9. Hawaiian Coffee

For something truly unique in terms of taste, try using some Hawaiian coffee beans when making your next batch of cold brew. These beans are known for being mild but very flavorful at the same time.

The smooth body and sweet aftertaste work well in a cold drink without being too sour or acidic tasting to enjoy when it is iced. This type of coffee provides all the richness you could want for a great cup of cold brew.

10. Instant Coffee

If you are looking for the easiest time possible, then choose instant coffee as your go-to cold brew ingredient. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make an excellent cup of iced coffee with just a single step.

Simply dissolve some instant coffee into water or milk before putting it in the refrigerator overnight to chill before enjoying it all week long.

11. Kona Coffee

Another good option for those who prefer Arabica beans over Robusta, this type is known for being smooth and rich without too much acidity or bitterness.

The mild flavor profile balances well with ice instead of hot or warm temperatures to create a refreshingly smooth cold drink that will not taste too dull or bland.

12. New England Coffee

If you are looking for a low acidity option that tastes great when mixed with ice, then try using some New England coffee when making your next batch of cold brew. These beans are naturally sweet and have a smooth body with mild flavors to allow the taste of the iced drink to shine through without being dulled by too much coffee.

The balanced flavor is another reason why this type works very well when it comes to creating iced drinks

Best Coffee To Use for Cold Brew

How Finely Ground Your Coffee Should Be

Making sure your coffee is not too finely ground is the secret to the perfect cold brew.

When the grind is not too coarse or too fine, it will have sand-like grains so the water has room to move around inside. If there aren’t enough grains though, it will pass through too quickly and won’t have time to extract the coffee’s flavors.

Use What You Like Best

In the end, remember that everyone has different tastes when it comes to their caffeine fix! If you’re tired of buying iced coffees every other day, try making your own by using the above information as your guide. You can also play around with ratios until you find something that makes your taste buds sing – you never know what your perfect combination might be!

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when trying to figure out the best coffee to use for cold brew. Knowing a few tips and tricks can help you make a great cup of iced drink with your preferred beans, whether it is instant or Blue Mountain, Kona, or New England. There is no “right” answer when it comes to what type of coffee you should use in a cold brew – it’s all up to preference!

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